The M.I.L.F Man

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Disinherited trust fund baby becomes an escort specializing in helping older women live their wildest romantic fantasies. (MATURE)

CHASTAIN DEVILLIER, 20, is the loose cannon in a wealthy family descended from two very long and very aristocratic British and French bloodlines. As the story begins, he has spent the last year at what we Americans would call a “party school” in Tucson, Arizona, having dropped out of two of the most prestigious Ivy League colleges in the country–and broken up with his latest love.

He’s both beautiful and brilliant. But he’s a GenZ Holden Caulfield who finds academia a crashing bore and his partying peers insufferably inane. Frustrated by Chastain’s inability to find himself, his British father has frozen his trust funds and bank accounts and reduced his monthly living expenses to a paltry sum as a “wake up call.”

Chas, however, discovers a very unusual side hustle to supplement his meager allowance. After a wild night with a feisty older woman–and with the help of a Web cam star friend–he becomes an escort specializing in clients of “a certain age.”

It’s an occupation he thoroughly enjoys. The wisdom of the women he meets and the diverse cast of characters he encounters in this wild new world intrigues and excites him.

Until he falls for CIELO SANDOVAL a stunning, street-smart young asylum-seeker whose dedication to caring for the homeless and less fortunate forces him to rethink this risqué career. And whose narrow escape from two cartel-connected ICE agents hellbent on deporting her back to Honduras sends him on the most meaningful–and dangerous–adventure of his young life.

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